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Q: How long can I use this software after registration?
A: Standard version is binding CPU, if the CPU is not damaged, you can use it all the time. However, due to the rapid speed of computer hardware’s improvement and replacement, a standard version is generally available for 2-3 years.
Dongle version: as long as the dongle is not lost, you can use it almost indefinitely.

Q: What is the machine code, how to obtain machine code?
A: Machine code is the CPU ID, similar to your identity card. You can get the CPU ID after you have installed the software and got it started.

Q: What is the meaning of CPU binding?
A: For example: There are two computers A, B, if you want A computer to use the software, you should get the A machine code on the computer and send it to us (instead of the computer B’s), the License we counted out by the machine code can only successfully register computer A, the B can not be registered. This is so-called CPU binding of computer A.

Q: After reinstalling the system, can I also use the software?
A: Yes! Please make a backup of the installation package and registration code before you reinstall the system. When system installation is complete, reinstall the software and enter the registration code to re-register.

Q: Is this software upgrade free?
A: Yes! All upgrades are free to registered users.

Q: What is the difference between the trial version and official version?
A: A, Images downloaded by trial version will be stitching the words 'Trival Version'; however, official version will not have the mark 'Trial Version'.
B, Trial version can only export part of the images.
C, Trial version is only for trial and does not offer registered entrance and can’t be registered; the official version will provide registered entrance for users to input the registration code to register.
D: There are banner ads in trial version; the official version does not have banner ads, completely green.

Q: What is the difference between standard version and the dongle version?
A: Standard version can only be used on one computer, which is bounding to the CPU. The software can no longer be used if any CPU replacement or damage. The dongle version provides you an USB Flash Disk-similar hardware. You can get the software started by plugging the dongle in the USB interface and run the official version of the software. Due to the rapid speed of computer hardware’s improvement and replacement, a standard version is generally available for 2-3 years. As for the dongle version, you can use it almost indefinitely as long as the dongle is not lost.

Q: Are there any copyright problems about the downloaded images?
A: Copyright of the images is belonging to Google Company, please use images within the rights Google allowed. Learn more about the terms and conditions of the image-using, click to viwe.

Q: Can you provide map-downloading service?
A: For not ADSL Internet users or for other reasons user can't download images, we can offer map-downloading service. Please offer us the coordinates of the scope and the level information to be downloading, and also you can mark the range you want to download in GoogleEarth and save it as kml file and send us it.

Q: Why can’t I download the maps?
A: Generally, there are three main reasons leading the failure of map-downloading:
A, The software is not the latest version.
B, the downloading area or level (such as level 19 in the suburb) has no data in the Google server.
C. Being blocked by antivirus software.

Q: why do the downloaded images have no place names?
A: Please choose "label" checkbox in the dialog box when you start a new task. It would ask whether you intend to superimpose label on the images when you output satellite maps.

Q: Why are the images I downloaded not clear?
A: Not every place has high-resolution maps, if Google did not provide high-resolution images, the images downloaded will be not clear, these areas are mainly located in non-urban areas or the marine areas and so on.

Q: What does "no image data" in the downloader refer to?
A: It means that downloading task was finished, but no data was downloaded, that‘s because Google did not provide the images of this region or the corresponding level. The no-data images in the "Maps Blocks" window are displayed as blue points. That is to say not every place has all levels of the map, marine generally to 10th level, non-urban areas generally to 16th level, urban areas generally to 19th or 20th level, some foreign city can be 22nd level.

Q: Whether does this software spending any time in downloading the no-data area?
A: The following illustrates the problem:
Suppose you choose to download "area A" from the 12th to 20th level.
When you download 17th level, there is an “area B “with no data in the "area A", but the software still have to download each image once, and certainly it will take you some time. However you can use "not download" button to isolate some areas obviously with no images. It will save you downloading time.
When you go on downloading 18th level of "area B", the software will not download this area automatically as it detects there is no images in the upper level (the current level would also not have the images), so it won’t take you any time in downloading the no-data area at this level (the current level would also not have the images), so it won’t take you any time in downloading the no-data area at this level.

Q: Will the no-data area be empty when you export the area?
A: Generally it won’t be. If you choose to download a higher-level image with no data and successfully download it, it will automatically use the lower-level image to mend it.

Q: Why do the images which I intend to stitch to one become multiple ones when I output them?
A: Software automatically detects the memory, stitching the images as large as possible, but if being too large, it has to be assembled into multi-ones.

Q: Why do the coordinates of the downloaded scope vary from the coordinates of the scope I input?
A: Small tile images (tile image) have already been split; the software will download all the tile images which have intersection with your selecting scope. With that, the scope of the images downloaded will only be larger than the range inputted, never be smaller than the range inputted.

Q: Why are there still any vacancies after stitching when the downloading is 100% finished?
A: There are two cases: First, you only choose one level to download, and some area of this level have no map, so there will be vacancies; the other case is that you have chosen to download the current level and the parent levels (such as when exporting 17th level, you choose 15th and16th level at the same time.), but the current level does not have map, the software tries its best to mend 17th level Maps using the parent level. But there still may be some special cases in which Maps can’t be mended.

Q: As machine A is running too slowly, how can I stitch images downloaded through machine A in the machine B ?
A: If using the dongle version, you can plug the dongle into machine B; if using the standard version, you should purchase another registration code for B.

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